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Organization: CityScape Consultants, Inc
Title: GIS Telecommunications Planner/Engineer
Location: Remote

Posted: 2023-09-05
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We are looking for an experienced Geographical Information Systems (GIS) engineer with telecommunications network planning experience for our organization, who will be responsible for designing, and implementing telecommunications network modelling for 4G/5G and other broadband development and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of planning data and maps. The successful candidate will use ArcGIS-based telecommunication network planning tools to estimate 4G/5G and broadband coverage development needs and design wireless and fixed broadband master plans for local governments and be responsible for reviewing telecommunication networks construction drawings, structural analyses, FAA and FCC documents and radio frequency measurement reports.


• Integrate geospatial data to map telecommunication network infrastructure and demand, calculate broadband coverage maps and use GIS spatial analysis capabilities to identify coverage statistics and gaps, identify and map broadband infrastructure, and network development opportunities.
• Design, implement, and maintain GIS databases, including data models, schema, and metadata.
• Provide 4G/5G and broadband coverage and geospatial modelling and analysis services and produce geospatial product, including maps, overlays, terrain analysis, 4G/5G and broadband covered households, traffic counts and city planning layers like zoning, land use and census data.
• Create maps and visualizations using all the ArcGIS software stack.
• Administer and maintain the ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS-based telecommunications planning software Cellular Expert, including configuration, monitoring, upgrades, and troubleshooting of applications and workflows.
• Review wireless site plan applications submitted to local government permitting and zoning from wireless service providers for new wireless towers, upgrades, modifications, and collocations and provide analysis and opinion on same.
• Collaborate with other partners to develop and implement GIS 4G/5G and broadband master plan projects and workflows and system integrations using available API or other methods.
• Stay up to date with new GIS technologies and trends.
• Potential provision of expert testimony at local public hearings.
• Potential inspection of facilities for design compliance.


• Bachelor's degree in electronics, telecommunications, civil engineering, computer science, geography, GIS, or a related field.
• Professional Engineer Certification in at least one state in the United States and have a willingness to apply and test, if necessary, in other states.
• Experience in telecommunication network coverage planning. An experience in network engineering/design and optimizations would be an advantage.
• Minimum 5 years of experience using ArcGIS software, such as ArcGIS Enterprise.
• Experience using updated ArcGIS Pro.
• Proficiency with Cellular Expert software products would be an advantage.
• Comprehensive understanding of online data access and organization.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Ability to travel some throughout the year to answer questions concerning master plan propagation maps to local governments or to answer questions related to site reviews.


Please submit a resume along with qualifications to [email protected]

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