Job Detail

Organization: County of Siskiyou
Title: GIS Specialist
Location: Yreka, CA USA

Posted: 2024-05-15
Application Deadline: 2024-06-09

Position Description:

Under general direction, to perform a variety of difficult and complex technical work related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development, revision and customization of maps on a computerized mapping system; to provide public assistance in explaining and interpreting maps and property descriptions; to prepare specialized reports for County and other governmental agencies showing relationships between departmental and other data bases; and to do related work as required.

Has day-to-day responsibility for the County's computerized mapping system and equipment; operates and maintains the G.I.S. database system; creates, updates or customizes specialized departmental maps, using the G.I.S. database and related information; computes acreage and land descriptions to accurate scale in the revision, correction, and maintenance of official maps and plats; generates maps to meet the needs of the public and various County departments; associates Assessor parcel attributes with geographical images; maintains County mapping systems, may perform skilled drafting work in preparing and maintaining maps, drawings, tracings, and title sheets; represent both department and County on related committees.

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